Guesthouse - Restaurant


Few people know, but the connections between France and Portugal are very old.

In 1091, Afonso VI of Castela and Leão annexed Galicia and the Condado Portucalense, unifying thus the Christian Kingdoms. Afonso VI, married to Constança da Borgonha, asks his parents in law to help him recapture the rest of the peninsula. In gratitude and to strengthen his ties with other monarchies, Afonso VI married his daughter Teresa with D. Henrique de Borgonha, making him his successor.

Later married his bastard daughter, Teresa with D. Henrique de Borgonha to whom he attributed Condado Portucalense. D. Henrique and D. Teresa are the parents of the one who would become the First King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques.

Cocorico, is on the way to perpetuate this millenarian friendship. In July 2017, we acquired a 6 bedroom "6only" guest house in the historic center of Porto, with the aim of transforming the 1000 m2 into a hotel with 10 elegant suites and a restaurant. French cuisine and Portuguese wines! The Portuguese cock meets the French cock... a big COCORICO was needed